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Frequently Asked Questions


So you want to have our booth at your event, but you have a few more questions? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We've made a video that shows you are booth in action.




Here we answer the most commonly asked questions about our booth. 

What are the dimensions of your booth?

6X6. We also request a 4-6’ table on the side of the booth for props and the photo printer.


How many people can fit into your booth?

The booth comfortably can fit 6 people, but we’ve had 10 people in there at once!


Do I get prints of the pictures, and what are the formats?

Yes, you either get two 2X6 prints or a single 4X6 photo. 


What props do you bring with you?

Our standard prop collection has colorful hats, glasses, necklaces, fake mustaches and fake lips with a few other things thrown in. We want to make this party fun, so if you have a theme, contact us so we can bring the right props.


Can I get more prints?

Yes, we can print out duplicate prints, for an additional hourly rate; please specify that before the event.


Will I be able to see the pictures after my event?

Yes, we will send you digital copies of all the images after your event, at no charge! 


Can you go up and down stairs?

Yes, the booth is sectional and can go up and down stairs.


Can the booth be set up outdoors?

Yes, we use a slightly different set up for our outdoor events. We use an open style photobooth with a canopy to cover us from the elements. We found that this is the best way to get an awesome photobooth experience while outside.

Please note, for outdoor events, we may not be able to set up in cases of inclement weather or extreme wind.

Can you make a custom design or logo?

Yes, we can either put on a design you created, or create a custom text and logo. 


Does someone stay with the booth at the event?

Yes, we have a photobooth attendant at all events to make sure everything runs as smooth as pie.


Do you carry insurance? 

Yes, we have event liability insurance, and can provide proof of insurance to your venue if needed. 


My venue wants an endorsement for insurance with their venue name listed. Can you do that?

If your venue requires an endorsement or certificate for their specific business. Please email us for any other special venue requests.


Do you offer a scrapbook?

We will help you put together a scrapbook, but we do not supply the materials or the book. 

Can I bring my own scrapbook?

Yes, if you bring a scrapbook with supplies, we can assist your guests in using it at no charge.

What color backdrops do you offer?

We have backdrops in Red, Blue, White, Pink, Purple, Gold Sequin, and Black. We find that Red or Blue make for the best pictures. 


Can we do a booth with just the back drop?

Yes, if you prefer to have an “open air booth” we can do that as well! 


How long before my event do you arrive? 

We arrive 1 hours before the event to set up. If you need us to arrive earlier, please contact us about adding idle time.


How close to power does the photo booth need to be?

We bring 20’ worth of extension cords. If the booth is further than 20 feet away, you may need to provide extra extension.


Do you do Green Screen Photobooths? 

Yes, we do green screens on a very limited basis. Contact us for pictures, samples and availability.


Do you like what you do?

No, we LOVE WHAT WE DO! Photobooths are so much fun, and we absolutely love every aspect of them! We love bringing that fun to your party


I have a question not covered, who do I contact? 

We want to hear from you! Fill out our contact form, send us an email, or give us a call. We will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Contact us for availability & pricing:

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