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Transform Your Space and Create an Unforgettable Experience With the Magic
Of Uplighting!

At Breezy Day, we offer state of the art uplighting —designed to transform
your space into a magical experience. Whether you’re looking for subtle,
dramatic or just the right amount of both...these lights can do it all.

Lighting can be the difference between a good experience and one your
guests will never forget. We offer the best lights on the market, with the
experience to align with your event’s vision and bring it to life in a way
that simply makes you say “wow.”

These lights are the perfect add-on to your event —check out the samples
below and contact us now to experience the magic or add on to your existing

"Freddy was our DJ, and he was the best! All of our guests had a blast
dancing, and we were so happy with how everything turned out"

"DJ Dave was fantastic! I've commented to my wife and friends several times
that I could not have asked for a better experience"

Green Dome-Building
Red Lighting
Washington Monument
Plymouth Memorial Building 1
Outdoor Christmas Purple
Outdoor dock
Old South Church Boston
Night and Day
Lure-DJ Pic
Lure Lighting Pic
Lightdrop Rainbow
Lure Club
Lightdrop Outside Bridge
Lightdrop Bridge
Light Up Furniture
Green Outdoor Pinspot

Let Us Bring Your Vision to Life So You Can Focus On What You Do Best...Contact Us Now!

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